K.I.F Trench shoring systems

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Ideal to use in poor soil conditions, this “dig and push” system allows low vibration installations, provides soil support for the excavations, adjacent structures and existing services or utilities, and minimizes trench width. This system is installed from the top down and removed from the bottom up.

Some applications : protection of the excavations when the contractors need to lay pipes deep and in poor soil conditions / Sewerage networks and rehabilitation constructions, Drainage, water – gas- electrical lines, box culverts “cast in situ”, pit and shatf shoring, sheet pile guidebox .

We are able to propose Faisability studies, Training on site SAFE / FAST / ECONOMICAL.

Kindly send your excavation conditions ( Please see “LIST OF QUESTIONS.PDF” ) and will advise you the best economical solutions.

We also have :

* Vacuum lifting device for any type & size of pipes up to 20t ; steel/concrete/marble plates, sheetpiles, safety concrete road barriers…,
10 Times faster ( Load & Unload ) with 1/2 personnel

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Phone Number 0033675315138